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About Milwaukee Power Tools

Milwaukee Tools is a manufacturer of heavy-duty cordless power tools for professional users on the jobsite and also in the workshop.

Milwaukee leads the industry with a focus on providing innovative, trade-focused solutions. A wide range of battery power tools, lights and storage equipment is available to craftsmen who understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace to deliver solutions that help the user work both faster and smarter.

We have the full range of Milwaukee Tools and are their largest stockist in Singapore.

Milwaukee Battery Operated Cordless Tools

Customer Success Statements

" We use Milwaukee on the job site, these are excellent trade tools with enough battery for a full day's work. "

" We are always impressed by the next generation of Milwaukee tools. They have no excess vibration and have more power and torque."

milwaukee drills cordless

Battery Powered Drills

milwaukee impact drivers cordless

Impact Drivers

Milwaukee impact wrench cordless

Impact Wrenches

Milwaukee demolition hammer cordless

Concrete Drills

milwaukee saw milwaukee cutter cordless

Saws & Cutters

milwaukee angle grinder cordless

Angle Grinders

Site & Personal Lighting

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MX Demolition Hammer

MX Core Drill

MX Circular Saw

MX Tower Light

Battery Operated Tools - M12 & M18 FUEL Battery System

M18 Battery Operated Tools - Performance and Efficiency

M18 is the flagship power system of Milwaukee. REDLITHIUM batteries are created focused on 18V System that can deliver power to more than 100+ tools in the Milwaukee Range, from impact wrenches, lights, saws, drills and even vacuum cleaners.

Even more Power - M18 High Output Batteries

The HIGH OUTPUT Range of batteries from the M18 gives you versatility on weight while achieving the maximum performance of your tools. They run longer, hit harder and the batteries also operate cooler.

M12 Battery Operated Tools - Lighter, More Compact and Access Smaller Spaces

The M12 system is a 12V System specially developed by Milwaukee.

From drills, compact drain cleaners, crimping tools and saws, every aspect of a metal or wood worker has been considered to give a comfortable and portable way to complete your tasks.

Drilling Machines, Percussion Drills & Hammer Drills

milwaukee drill M18FPD2 singapore

60% More Power at High Speed - Best Cordless Drill in the Market

Lightweight and compact, Milwaukee drills deliver high torque values and give excellent hammering capabilities. Drill through all kinds of material with various bits without the hassle of tool cut offs..

Maximum Wood thickness: 89mm
Maximum Metal thickness: 13mm
Maximum Masonry Thickness: 16mm

M18FPD3 * NEW MODEL * The only percussion hammer drill you will need. It delivers 158Nm of torque for maximum productivity. Also has features to protect your wrist should there be an unintended movement during operation.

milwaukee cordless Feul M12 power tools

Handy Tool for All Angles

M12FDDXKIT series for the tightest of spaces and odd angles.
M12FDD is a 12V M12 Brushless Drill Driver weighing only 1.5kg with battery. With other unique attachments - this kit allows for powerful drilling up to 135Nm in very tight corners.

Impact Drivers & Electrical Screwdrivers

Impact Drivers from Milwaukee give fast and easy drill bit changes for all types of fastening and disassembly work.

30% Faster Driving Speed

When working with Metal and Wood, speed is key.

Additional features include modes that prevent your fasteners from rounding, saving you time to extract the screw.

With up to 25% more torque and 226 Nm power, GEN 3 impact drivers represent a leap in technology. More demanding applications are able to be handled cordlessly.

4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ provides greater control over output speed and power for fastening. Single handed bit exchanges also make these tools easy to work with.

At 117mm and 1.7kg with battery attachments, this is a small but mighty tool.

Impact Wrenches

Milwaukee Impact Wrenches give the ultimate cordless experience to remove and fasten lug nuts.

milwaukee m18 Impact Driver FID singapore power tools

Best in Class: Up to 2700Nm Cordless Nut Busting Torque

Milwaukee Impact Wrenches deliver a wide range of torque for all applications.

From 1/2", 3/4" and 1" drives, Milwaukee Impact Wrenches are unrivalled in power. A high amount of torque in a very compact an cordless body is achieved with the latest technologies.

  1. POWERSTATE Brushless Motors allow more rotary torque to be achieved by the tool

  2. REDLINK Plus delivers the correct amount of torque to prevent damaging workpieces

  3. REDLITHIUM battery packs last up to 20% longer than the competition and also show how much battery life remains

milwaukee m12 impact wrench cordless power tools singapore

M12 Impact Wrench

12V of power in a compact and lightweight frame. Up to 339Nm variable speed. This is excellent for motorcycle repair.

milwaukee m12 impact wrench cordless power tools singapore

M18 1/2", 3/4" Impact Wrench

1/2" Torque Values from 100 to 1367Nm
3/4" from 700Nm to 1627Nm.
Special Nut busting removal up to 2033Nm.

milwaukee m12 impact wrench cordless power tools singapore

M18 1" Impact Wrench

No more need for bulky air tools or cables which are workplace hazards - an excellent tool for offshore and heavy duty applications.

milwaukee impact wrench cordless

The Most Powerful Cordless Impact Wrench

milwaukee cordless impact wrench

1" Square Drive with 2033Nm of Torque

heyco impact sockets with milwaukee

Proper Impact Sockets for Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches should be used together with proper tooling to avoid damage to the square drive and lug nuts. The use of good quality impact sockets prevents damage to your power tool and allows good distribution of torque.

You may select high quality Heyco Impact Sockets to use together with these high torque impact tools.

Impact Wrench for tight spaces

Milwaukee Right Angle Impact Wrench allows for work in very tight spaces.

At just 75mm from the tip, access hard to reach areas with up to 300Nm of torque easily.

Comes with a 1/2" square drive.

Concrete Drills and Hammer Drills (for use with SDS-Plus & SDS-Max Bits)

40mm of Concrete Breaking Power, 20 mins Chipping

As strong as a corded tool.

Torque is achieved with the brushless motor. Works as well as a corded tool but with more flexibility and safety on the job site.

SDS-Max Drilling & Breaking Hammer (6.1J Blow Energy)

Optimized drilling capacity in concrete Ø 16 - 32mm
Maximum drilling concrete: 40mm
Maximum drill bit size: 100mm

Multi Speed Demolition Hammers

Large Size M18 Demolition Hammers have 3 modes

High Performance SDS Hammer (up to 11J Blow Energy)
Optimized drilling capacity in concrete Ø 7 - 22mm
Maximum drilling concrete: 28mm
Maximum drilling steel: 13mm
Maximum drilling wood: 30mm

M18 SDS-Plus Hammer (Ø 6 - 20mm) / 26mm
M18 SDS-MAX Hammer ( up to Ø 65mm tunneling bit or Ø 150mm coring bits)
Compact M12 SDS-Plus Hammer (Ø 5.5 - 12mm) / 13mm - 400 Wall plugs 6mm / charge

Saws & Cutters

Compact Cut-off for Multi Material Cutting

Industry leading effectiveness is available from Milwaukee saws and cutting tools.

  • Safe with easily adjustable guard and forward/reverse selectable blade rotation direction

  • Designed for one-handed use able to reach all spots with 16.3mm depth of cut

  • Compact design for tight spots at 1.1kg and 220mm

Comes with kit for cutting steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous materials, drywall, fibre cement, plastic and ceramics.

milwaukee reciprocating saw

Reciprocating Saw

milwaukee band saw

Band Saw

milwaukee jig saw

Jig Saw

milwaukee circular saw

Circular Saw

Faster Cut rate for Metal, Plastic & Wood

Industry leading effectiveness is available from Milwaukee saws and cutting tools.

  • Reciprocating saws are designed for single hand use in compact spaces and deliver more cutting power than competitors

  • Band saws use a direct drive system to deliver more power

  • Jig saws use Milwaukee™ patented FIXTEC blade clamp for fast and easy blade change and have extended battery life for versatile wood and metal cutting work for straight and angled

  • Circular Saws have the fastest cutting rates in the industry

Metal Working & Grinding

milwaukee angle grinder cordless

Angle Grinder

milwaukee die grinder

Die Grinder

milwaukee rotary tool

Rotary Tool

milwaukee saw blades


milwaukee angle grinder cordless power tools m18 singapore

World's First 18V Cordless Large Angle Grinder

Large Angle High torque is delivered through Milwaukee's 18V system and brushless motor. With an effecient braking paddle: handling cutting and grinding jobs are quick and easy. Quick battery power cutoff for cutting and grinding applications.

100% Tooless Keychange

Fixtec screw ensures you do not need tools to replace discs. Whether you are using 4" , 5" or 7" grinders, Milwaukee screws ensure you work safely and effectively.

milwaukee right angle die grinder milwaukee angle grinder cordless power tools m18 singapore

20% More Grinding Power than Pneumatic Tools

With paddle switch control and extra power, Milwaukee right angle die grinder is a handy tool to have in the workshop. Easily removes burring, rust and impurities from surfaces with 20% more power.

0.3HP tool, 6/8mm collet size. 800g weight with battery.

Rotary tool with 3mm collet also available for finer applications.

Job Site & Personal Lighting

milwaukee usb rechargeable light power tools singapore

M18 Site Area Light

milwaukee m18 lights cordless power tools singapore

M18 High Output Area Light

milwaukee usb rechargeable light power tools singapore

Personal Flood Light

milwaukee usb rechargeable light power tools singapore

IP 67 Flood Twist Light

Polishers & Sanders

milwaukee m19 polisher cordless power tools singapore

M18 Polisher

milwaukee compact polisher milwaukee m19 polisher cordless power tools singapore

Compact Polisher

milwaukee random orbital sander cordless milwaukee m19 polisher cordless power tools singapore

Random Orbital Sander

autosol polishing compound

Polishing Compounds

World's First Polisher with 8 Variable Speed

Able to polish one full car in a single runtime, the M18FAP180 has a very good run time. Longer motor life due dust protector. 3 position bale handle for improved tool control.

Compact Polisher

Handy for small polishing and buffing applications. All products come with polishing pad kits.

Other Tools & Kits

milwaukee drain cleaner cordless

Drain Cleaner (1"- 4" pipes)

milwaukee pipe cutter cordless

Pipe Cutters

Cut Resistant Work Gloves

milwaukee rolling packout

Rolling Packout