Diamant Polymers- Repairs & Reinforcements, Not Replacements

Material defects & damaged parts can cost manpower and extended and unnecessary down times. Diamant Polymer manufactures over 2000 repair and wear protection solutions to keep your machines and structures operating efficiently by rebuilding and reinforcing material integrity. Diamant has over 100 years of experience in applications related to mechanical engineering, precision molding, construction, automotive and thermal sealing.

We are here to help! As a Diamant Partner, we strive to provide you the right solutions for your metal repair needs.

Customer Success Statements

"We are able to do micron level sealing without machining during our manufacturing process with Diamant DWH and Dichtol."

"Thanks to Diamant UM1250, our plant was able to make repairs on oily surfaces with little surface preparation. Other epoxy putties were unable to do this."

"Their decades of experience and technical support gives me the peace of mind when I build my machinery."

"The coating compounds significantly extended working life of our pumps and machinery - Diamant clearly showed the Made in Germany difference."

Hairline Crack Repairs
Thermal Sealers

Crack & Blowhole Repairs

Large Area Repairs

Wear & Chemical Protection

Quick and Easy, Leak Proof Repairs: Diamant Dichtol

Material integrity is vital for lasting production use.

Air and cavitation in material can cause blowouts. Dichtol penetrates and seals gaps that cannot be seen by the naked eye. With a high pressure and temperature resistance and quick application and drying times, save time and money by dipping your products into a bath, brush or spray. The formulation impregnates any cracks and provides excellent resistance against chemical, weathering and other environmental influences.

Dichtol is a special one-component formulation with excellent penetration properties.

  • Easy to apply: Brushed, dipped or sprayed to fill cracks in all metals and plastics

  • Fill gaps from 0 - 0.5mm and penetrates without additional work

  • Quick and Fast Application and Curing Time

  • US Military approved

  • Chemical, pressure and heat resistant

  • Machinable after Curing

  • Safe to contact with drinking water

Useful in mold making, thermal spraying plants and 3D printing (rapid prototyping)

sealing fins dichtol germany

Sealing Leaks on Equipment with Fine Fins

Sealing of High Pressure Leaks Easily

Minor Surface Imperfections : Repair DIAMANT Plastic Metals

Easy metal repair solutions are important for mechanical maintenance.

Material imperfections can cause leaks and seals to not function properly. Using DIAMANT Plastic Metal, you are able to repair these imperfections by using a single solution to repair all sizes of cracks. Due to the high metal content, the consistency of the Plastic Metals can easily be adjusted to fill different types of gaps you want.

The versatile metal repair system for filling blow holes, hollow spaces, defects and machining errors on all types of metals.

  • Special formulation allows free control of viscosity for all kinds of gaps

  • Metal content with over 90% iron, steel, aluminium and stainless steel

  • Accurate and realistic color and properties of metals

  • Excellent for repair of blowholes and metal imperfections during production

  • Choice of 16 metal types and 6 hardener types

Micron-Precise Connections for Mechanical Connections without Machining : Diamant DWH

Use the industry-wide, tried and tested compound for fine adjustments in machines and other parts. DWH ensures a good adhesion while allowing all kinds of parts to be bonded without worry of them being damaged during processing. This allows for micron level repairs.

Micron-precise moulding. Can make permanent and temporary connections of components. It is exact, fast and does not require machining.

Major Defects and Large Blowouts on Materials: DIAMANT Ultra Metals

Blowout repairs, leak repairs and pipe sealing is vital for production runtime.

Damaged equipment does not need to be replaced and can be repaired in just 3 hours. Keep your operations running with Diamant UM 1250 Ultra Metal for fast and easy material patching without worrying about surface preparation. Able to stick on wet and oily surfaces, Diamant is a superior choice for critical repairs. Within 3 hours, the epoxy putty is fully cured and operations can continue at high pressures once again.

  • Repair on wet and oily surfaces

  • Able to be applied underwater

  • Epoxy coating with 1:1 mixing ratio

  • Abrasion resistant and machinable

  • Excellent for in-situ repair

Fix Large Surface Defects : Diamant Hydrometal

Large Blowholes can be costly considerations for repair especially when the area is very large. Hydrometal from Diamant allows a quick and easy way to restore large defective surfaces.

Proactive Wear Protection and Repairs : Diamant Repacoat

Aggressive media and chemicals can cause corrosion and damage on critical parts. This can lead to longer down times and considerable delays for new parts to arrive.

Critial components can be protected with Diamant Repacoat. A strong chemical and abrasion resistant layer means parts last longer and repair time is significantly reduced. Repacoat is also available in an elastic version for repair on rubber moldings and seals.

Chemicals: Repacoat CH

  • 170C, 60-100um coating

  • For acids, lyes and coolants

  • Available as a liquid or a putty

  • Corrosion resistance for all metal parts

Abrasion: Repacoat PH

  • 150C, 200mm thickness application

  • For corrosion and cavitation damages

  • Available as liquid or as a putty

  • Made of impact resistant ceramic balls

Proactive High Temperature Wear Protection and Repairs in 1 Step : Diamant Iron Cement

Aggressive media and heat can cause corrosion and damage on critical parts. This can lead to longer down times and considerable delays for new parts to arrive. Fireproofing and reinforcing high temperature areas that are prone to damage can be used with Iron Cement.

  • Heat resistant up to 1600C

  • Protects parts from molten metal

  • Extends life of casting and tanks

  • Gap filling capability

  • Can even be applied by hand

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