Diamant Metal Repair Compounds

Diamant has over 130 years of metal cosmetic repair experience.

From solutions for pipe repairs, foundry production and additive manufacturing such as 3D printing : Diamant has a chemical solution for the smallest hairline cracks to the largest metal damages.

Customer Success Statements

"Our 3D printed parts have micro porosities that need filling. With Diamant Dichtol, we are able to do so"

"Thanks to Diamant UM1250, our plant was able to make repairs on pipes that had oily surfaces. Other epoxy putties were unable to do this."

"The coating compounds extended working life by over 9 months - Diamant clearly showed the Made in Germany difference"

Hairline Cracks

Cracks & Blowhole Repair

Large Repairs

Wear Protection

Repair Hairline Cracks: Diamant Dichtol

Dichtol is a special one-component formulation with excellent penetration properties.

  • Easy to apply: Brushed or sprayed to fill cracks in composite or metal

  • Fill gaps 0 - 0.5mm and penetrates complex structures

  • US Military approved

  • Chemical, pressure and heat resistant

  • Safe to contact with drinking water

Useful in foundries, thermal sprays, 3D printing (rapid prototyping)

There are several types of Dichtol for type of application. You may view the technical sheet here.

Repair of Cracks and Pipe Cracks: Diamant Plastic Metals & Ultra Metals

Diamant Plastic Metal

  • Special formulation allows control of viscosity

  • Choose metal fillings from iron, steel, aluminium and stainless steel

  • Accurate metal finish because of high purity of metal

  • Excellent for repair of blowholes and metal imperfections

  • Choice of 16 metal types and 6 hardener types

Diamant UM1250 Ultra Metal

  • Repair on wet and oily surfaces

  • Able to be applied underwater

  • Epoxy coating with 1:1 mixing ratio

  • Abrasion resistant and machinable

  • Excellent for in-situ repair

Large Repairs: Diamant Hydrometal

Sometimes, large repairs are unavoidable and an economic solution has to be found. For such production cases that require patching : Diamant Eisenguss Kit / Diamant Hydrometal is a solution.

  • Mix with water for repair

  • Temperature resistant up to 650 C

  • Comes in 5KG powder tub

Wear Protection : Diamant Iron Cement and Diamant Repa Coat

Heat: Iron Cement

  • Heat resistant up to 1600C

  • Protects parts from molten metal

  • Extends life of casting and tanks

  • Gap filling capability

  • Single component and easy to apply

Abrasion: Repacoat PH

  • 150C, 200mm thickness application

  • For corrosion and cavitation damages

  • Available as liquid or a paste

  • Made of impact resistant ceramic balls

Chemicals: Repacoat CH

  • 170C, 60-100um coating

  • For acids, lyes and coolants

  • Available as a liquid or a putty

  • Corrosion resistance for all metal parts

Coating is easy with the Diamant Venturi System

With this innovative low-pressure process the duration of the application is drastically reduced, whilst the effectiveness is increased at the same time. Hence, 20 m² can be coated effortlessly per hour with a layer thickness of 200 µm using the Venturi Coating System. Apart from the Venturi spray gun, the use of the Venturi Coating Systems requires a compressed air source of 8 bar. The RepaCoat coating is supplied in a double cartridge with a special mixing spiral for the system.