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Heytec focuses on offering mechanics and service engineers a hassle-free selection of tools in an organized manner. The extensive range focuses on giving

All tools are inspected in Germany and are guaranteed by the factory. Workshop Trolleys and master tool sets can be customized to suit user application needs. The practical, lightweight and convenient selection of tools is the best choice for everyday work.

We have the full range of Heytec products in Singapore.

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German Tool Manufacturer with more than 80 Years of Experience

Customer Success Statements

" We have 40 people on our shopfloor and were looking for good tools that meet our budget. Heytec provided us complete sets to tool our workshop."

" We pick Heytec because the replacement service is better! Saved many trips to the hardware shop."

"The tool box sets are tailor made with the user in mind."

"I choose Heytec because of the tool warranty and quality. My contracting jobs require this assurance."

Wrenches, Spanners & Sockets

Heytec prides itself in designing wrenches and sockets that are extensively tested to distribute force evenly. This prevents damage to both tool and fastener and saves you time to make unnecessary rectification due to rounded bolts or damaged tools.

Socket Sets & Accessories in Water Resistant Casing

Carrying a single box of tools keeps you organized and lets you focus on getting your job done. Heytec socket sets are rubber lined to prevent moisture from rusting your tools. All socket sizes are also form fitted into the mold for lasting identification.

Bit Box Sets

Handy bit box sets are lightweight for work on the go, in tight spaces or used with power tools. Heytec also has sets with more durable ratchets to give you that extra gearing where required.

Screwdrivers & Allen Keys

Heytec provides screwdrivers with an ergonomic grip for securing and loosening of all kinds of fasteners. A melded hook design prevents the screwdriver separating from the grip. Precision screwdrivers are also available up to the smallest fastener sizes when working with electronics.

Storage & Tool Modules for Customization

Heytec provides both empty and complete tool boxes for workshop and job site applications. From waterproof backpacks, click-on toolboxes to traditional tool chests, you are assured of durability and mobility wherever you are. Tool Modules are also available individually to give you customization in your storage choice.

Electrical Tools for High Voltage Areas

HEYTEC offers the complete range of high voltage insulated tools complete with wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers to keep you safe. All electrical tools are VDE certified for 1000V and also work on all distribution boxes, junction boxes and main lines.

Torque Wrenches

HEYTEC has torque wrenches up to 600Nm with different square drives to ensure that you get precision tightenining on your bolts. Comes with Calibration Certificate and sturdy plastic grip.

Hammers, Files, Pliers, Snipping Tools and Other Essentials

Breaking, smoothing, extracting and hammering are required to . Heytec has a wide variety of tooling essentials for work on all types of material. Most equipment like pliers, hammers and cutters are designed with safety features such as reinforced grips and singly molded parts.

Automotive Specific Items

Heytec also has a range of common automotive tools for removing filters and tyres. Impact sockets are also produced to protect alloy wheels from damage.

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