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Heytec Tools

Heytec has a comprehensive range of functional tool sets for mechanics and service engineers on the go.

All tools are inspected in Germany for quality control. Workshop Trolley and master tool sets can be customized to suit user application needs. The practical, lightweight and convenient selection of tools is the best choice for everyday work.

We have the full range of Heytec products in Singapore.

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Tool Solutions from Germany

Customer Success Statements

" We have 40 people on our shopfloor and were looking for good tools that meet our budget. Heytec provided us complete sets to tool our workshop."

" We pick Heytec because the replacement service is better! Saved many trips to the hardware shop."

"I choose Heytec because of the tool warranty and quality. My contracting jobs require this assurance."

heytec wrenches and socket sets

Wrenches & Socket Sets

heytec workshop trolleys and modules hand tools

Storage & Portability

heytec torque wrench hand tools

Torque Wrenches

heytec workshop items hand tools

Workshop Essentials

heytec tools saver profile

German Quality Checks & Product Warranty

Heytec tools are inspected in Germany for their quality. The long experience of Heyco Tools in making quality wrenches and sockets is leveraged on to deliver high quality tools for functional every day use.

Heytec aims to provide portable tool boxes and kits for all professional requirements.

Quality is something Heytec is proud of. All tools come with warranty against manufacturing defects.

Wrenches & Socket Wrench Sets

heytec combination wrench

Wrench Sets

heytec socket and bits set

Socket Sets

heytec bit set hand tools

Bit Sets

heytec screwdriver set hand tools

Screwdriver Sets

105pc socket set 1/4" 1/2" waterproof casing

105 pcs Socket Set (1/4" and 1/2" Square Drive)

Best selling set covering all your workshop and offsite requirements. Comes in a water resistant plastic case for maximum corrosion protection of tools.


  • Ratchets

  • 1/4" + 1/2" Socket Wrenches, Screwdriver Socket Wrenches, Extra Deep Socket Wrenches

  • Extension bars

  • Bit Holders for Manual and Power Tools

  • Bit Sets

  • Adapters

Combination Wrench Set

Get your work done with a durable set of HEYTEC wrenches. Wrenches are made from high grade chrome vanadium steel and the heads have a polished finish.

Uses Heyco's unique saver profile that allows better performance and weight on your tool.

Wrenches from 6mm till 41mm are on stock in Singapore and we can customize sets for you.

heytec wrench and socket set hand tools

Wrench & Socket Combination Sets

Wrenches, Sockets and a Ratchet are common requirements around the workshop. This 33 piece range features the "Saver Profile". Extension bars and T-Handle is also included, making it the perfect set for a person on the go.

bit set for power tools heytec

Working with Power Tools

Pocket-sized bit sets are available from Heytec's range for various bit sizes and heads.
Well-fitted bit slots keep your bits in place and is an indispensable tool when screwing and fastening various items.

precision screwdriver set heytec

Precision Screwdriver Set

Very good quality screwdriver pouch and set allows you to get to the finest of screwheads with ease. Perfect for use in the electronics or small mechanical parts.

2-K Screwdriver DIN 5265 / 8764. Ergonomic soft grip with rotatable cap. Blades made of chrome-molybdenum steel, hardened, with black tip.

Storage and Portability

heytec tool box with foam inlayheytec tool box no foam inlay complete set

Essential Tools in a Kit

Get a high quality and wide assortment of essential tools from Heytec with our tool boxes

  • Cantilever design allows easy viewing of all tools

  • Comes with and without foam inlay

  • Modules from foam inlay sets can be purchased separately

President Trading is also able to assist you to design a tool set or tool storage solution suitable for your particular workshop application.

Waterproof bag pack heytec singapore

Waterproof Bagpack

For work in both outdoor and indoor environments.

  • Many compartments to slot tools

  • Strong non tear material

  • Waterproof

  • Sets for electrical working, carpentry and construction

heytec workshop trolley with tools

Tooling up the Workshop? We help you with custom configurations

heyco customizable workshop trolley for tools
heytec tool module ring adjustable combination open ended wrenches
heyco tool module sockets and accessories
heyco tool module sockets and accessories

Torque Wrenches & Workshop Essentials

Torque Wrenches

Good quality torque wrenches available at reasonable prices.

  • For functional use in everyday conditions

  • Comes with a plastic case and firm grip

  • Torque drive adapters also available for reducing drive sizes.

  • Available with Calibration Certificate

  • Warranty on parts

Multi-Function Practical Tools

Heytec innovatively finds solutions to make work better. Standard good quality tools such as long length hex wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, punches and chisels are of good make and have warranty protection. Functional tools such as scissors to cut metal sheets and muti-use pliers are available. Electrical VDE sets are also on stock.

Workshop Essentials

heytec gloves earmuffs visor

On-the-go solutions for your industry

Waterproof and high load carrying bagpacks for service engineers on the move. Comes with several configurations and compartments.

The range also contains high quality personal protection equipment including certified safety gloves, safety goggles and earmuffs.

heytec vde electrical set