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About Heytec Tools

Heytec Tools cater to a comprehensive range of tool sets and ranges for each industry sector, giving you an easy and quick selection.
All tools are inspected in Germany to provide the best value for good quality.
Stock is available in Singapore with a quick delivery time.

Exceptional quality at an affordable price. Choose Heytec.

Affordable Tool Sets from Germany

heytec wrenches and socket sets

Wrenches & Socket Sets

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Storage & Portability

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Torque Wrenches

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Workshop Gear

Wrenches & Socket Sets

heytec socket and bits set

Socket Sets

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Bit Sets

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Screwdriver Sets

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Wrench Sets

33pc Wrench & Socket Set for every workshop

Wrenches, Sockets and a Ratchet are common requirements around the workshop. This 33 piece range features the "Saver Profile". Extension bars and T-Handle is also included, making it the perfect set for a person on the go.

Saver Profile is a method of distributing the torque evenly across the socket developed by Heyco: allowing better torquing and increasing the life of ratchets and sockets by preventing the rounding of nuts.

heytec wrench and socket set hand tools

Storage and Portability

heytec workshop trolley with tools

Tooling up the Workshop? We help you with custom configurations

heyco customizable workshop trolley for tools
heytec tool module ring adjustable combination open ended wrenches
heyco tool module sockets and accessories

Working on the Go? Check out our Bagpacks!

heytec vde electrical set

Torque Wrenches & Workshop Essentials

heytec torque wrench germany

Torque Wrenches

Good quality torque wrenches available at reasonable prices. For functional use in everyday conditions. Comes with a plastic case and firm grip. Available with Calibration Certificate and warranty.

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Purchase some Heytec Tool sets for your workshop today.