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Vogel Germany Measuring Tools

Founded in Germany, Kevelaer in 1949 with over 70 years of history, Vogel measuring tools are recognized globally for their wide range and professional quality. With over 5000 items, you are able to find a partner with the ability to provide quality solutions for your needs.

Items can be purchased with warranties and calibration certificates.
Inspection certificates are available on most items.

vogel rulers edges and tapes measuring

Rulers & Straight Edges

Straight Edges, Rulers, Beveled Edge, Digital Measuring Tapes, Pipe Circumference Rules, Height Gauges
vogel vernier caliper


Vernier Calipers, Long Jaw Calipers, Depth Calipers, Dial Calipers,Digital Brake Caliper, Brake Drum Caliper
vogel micrometer external tubular measuring


External & Internal Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Tubular Micrometers, Toothed Gear Micrometers
vogel germany bore gauge cylinder gauge micrometer

Bore Gauges & Micrometers

Precision Bore Gagues with Sensitive Dial, 3 Point Bore Micrometers
vogel go no go precision gauges measuring tools

Precision Gauges

Long Feeler Gauges, Piston Gauges, Thickness testers, Ring Go and No Go Gauges, Parellel Gauge Block Set, Angle meters
vogel dial indicator scales and tables measuring

Laboratory & QC Devices

Dial Indicators and Measuring Stands, Precision weighing scales and granite blocks,GG0 Squares and Knife Edges
vogel multimeter and borescope

M&E Inspection

Multimeters, Clamp Test, Edge finders, High Accuracy Spirit Levels, Image Borescopes
vogel thickness gauge and hardness tester

Inspection Devices

Ultrasonic Gauges, Stroboscopes,Ultrasonic Echo-Echo Gauges, , Hardness and Roughness Tester
The following provides some detail into the product range of VOGEL. Weights and accuracies may vary across various products. Images are representative of the products at point of printing.

Quality Certified and Guaranteed

With a depth of production experience and a primary focus on production in Europe, Vogel measuring tools are reliable for all measure of work. Quality certified by TUV Rhienland. With an internal production, laser facility and calibration laboratory, you are assured of the quality of production.

Precise Measurements for the Longest Lengths

Vogel Rulers, Calipers, Micrometers, Squares and Workshop equipment are widely made in Germany, bearing a strong reputation of accuracy and durability for the products used.

Stainless Steel Rulers are particularly unique, with accuracy certified by the German government and able to be considered reference grade. High quality stainless steel is used which allows for use in medical applications.

Rulers & Straight Edges

Stainless Steel Rulers

Inspected by the German government a few times a year. Lengths up to 4000mm are therefore considered "reference grade".
These high quality rulers can be for measuring within sensitive liquids and food industries. The paint from the rulers are non-leeching and non toxic. They can be used in chemical and medical liquids.
Conform to:DIN 2014/32/EU, EC I, EC II, British Standard
Graduation: mm, inchMarkings: Laser Engraved / EtchedMaterial: Stainless, AluminiumRange: 100mm - 6000mm (larger sizes on request)
vogel ruler measuringvogel stainless steel rulersvogel stainless steel rulers

Circumference Rulers

Wrap around pipes to see size of pipe and diameter immediately. Marking above shows diameter, bottom shows circumference.
Graduation: mm, inchMarkings: Laser Engraved / EtchedMaterial: Stainless, Carbon SteelRange: 60mm - 110110mm (circumference), 20-3500mm (diameter)

vogel pipe measuring
vogel measure circumference ruler

Measuring Tapes

Rugged measuring tapes according to EC2 standard.Available in retail packing and also available for bulk purchases.
Measuring Tapes3m, 5m, 8m, 10m
vogel measuring tape

Precision Straight Edges

For Measuring Flatness of surfaces. Inspection of aerospace parts. Precision engineered to different flatness standards depending on application. Comes also with Calibration Certificate and wooden case.
Conform to Flatness DIN 874:GG0, GG1, GG2GG00 Knife Edge for light gap flatness test
Material : Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium Range: 500-6000mm

vogel straight edges
Lightweight Aluminium 1/2 weight of steel edge

Bevelled Straight Edge

Can also be used for measuring flatness, but without the DIN Standard. Good for workshop use.
Graduation: mm if on type BMaterial: Carbon SteelRange: 300-2000mm
vogel bevelled straight edges carbon steel

Vernier Calipers and Micrometers

Vernier Calipers

Our Digital Calipers are made for precision with glass rails and sturdy electronic parts. Each Caliper has a serial number and inspection ID.
Conforms to DIN 862 for Calipers
Digital CalipersAccuracy: 0.001mm / 0.01mm. 0.0005 Inches. Data outputs: Mitutoyo compatible, miniUSB, BluetoothTests: IP67, IP54, Coolant Proof AvailableABSOLUTE Function available
Mechanical CalipersAccuracy: 0.02mm , 1/1000 Inches, 0.01mm in dial calipers

Material: Stainless Steel HardenedSizes: 100 - 3000mmJaw Length: up to 250mm (Long Jaw available)
digital vernier caliperfraction digital caliperdial caliper vogelmeasuring tools germany vogel caliper

External & Internal Micrometers

We have precision Micrometers for external and internal measurements.
Accuracy: 0.001mm / 0.01mm. 0.0005 Inches. Data outputs: Mitutoyo compatible, miniUSB, BluetoothTests: IP67, IP54, IP40 Coolant Proof Available
External and Internal Micrometer sets available with setting gauges.
vogel tubular micrometer measuringvogel micrometer digitalvogel digital micrometer

Special Calipers & Micrometers

We also produce a wide range of special calipers and micrometers to check:
1. Wire Thickness 2. Brake Discs and Brake Drums3. Depth of holes4. Gear size5. Screw Thread and Pitch6. Taps and Milling Parts (V Anvil Caliper)7. Foil Thickness with Springs
vogel depth caliper
vogel depth micrometer

Bore Gauges, Bore Micrometers & Precision Gauges

3 Point Bore Micrometer

Used to measure internal and blind holes at a specific points.Extensions and setting rings included in sets and also sold seperately.

Digital "BOWERS" technology with "SYLVAC" technology also available with data output and bluetooth.
2 point Micro Range : 0.95 - 10.35mm 3 point Range : 2mm - 500mm
vogel 3 point bore micrometer

Bore Gauge / Cylinder Gauge Set with Dial Indicator

Finding tolerances in a bore hole.
Insert the gauge into the hole with the dial indicator zeroed to find wear and tear issues within the bore.
1) Attach a dial indicator to the bore gauge set2) Zero the dial indicator3) Push the device into the hole
Extension rods and setting rings sold seperately.Sizes up to 800mm available.
vogel bore cylinder gauge with dial indicator impa

Setting Rings, Plug Gauges & Precision Gauges

Accessories and Setting Gauges for inspectionAll conforming to DIN Standard and also with Calibration Certificate available
1. Setting Ring Gauges (Go and No Go) 2. Plug Gauges Set (Go and No Go)3. Precision Measuring Cylinders4. Precision Feeler Gauges (all lengths)5. Jet Gauges6. Welding Gauges7. Ceramic Gauge Block Set
vogel setting ring limit plug gaugevogel measuring toolsvogel parallel gauge blocks

Crankshaft Testing & Precision Crank Levels

Crankshaft Testing Set (60-500) available with dial caliper

Spirit Levels with 0.01mm/m accuracy for adjusting crankshaft pins with finest precision.
Accuracies available (mm/m):0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2Angled Level also available
vogel crankshaft testing instrument
vogel spirit levels precision

Precision Inspection Devices

Dial Indicators & Dial Test Indicators

High quality Dial Indicators at an affordable price. Digital and Analogue Dial Indicators available.
Long and Short Stem
Dovetail Dial Test Indicators on stock
0-40-0 / 0.01mm
0-100-0 / 0.002mm
Waterproof Dial Indicators, Coolant Proof Dial IndicatorsCalibration Certificate available with ID number.
vogel digital dial indicators
vogel dial test indicators gauges

Laboratory & Quality Control Testing

We provide highly certified laboratory equipment necessary for your good quality production and inspection:
  • High Precision Squares (GG0) for light gap testing
  • High Precision Knife Blades (GG00)
  • Sensitive Scale (up to 0.01g accuracy)
  • Measuring Stands with magnetic and vaccuum base
  • Precision shock proof dial indicators
  • Granite benches and squares
  • Precision laboratory work tables
  • Inspection benches and measuring tables
  • Lapping & Control Plates
  • Granite Master Square and Angle Plates
  • Dial Indicators and Dial Tester
  • Gauge Blocks of various sizes

This range of Vogel is highly recommended for inspection laboratories and certification bodies that need these equipment to certify other bodies or ensure testing equipment and production is of the highest precision.
singlas certification measuring tools
magnetic stand vogel
square vogel hand tools
weighing scale vogel
measuring table and dial vogel

Mechanical & Electrical Inspection

Inspection tools for Mechanical Engineering:
- Echo-Echo Thickness gauge for tank inspection- Crane Scale up to 3000KG- Welding Gauges- Protractors and Angle measuring equipment- High Precision Spirit Levels & Measuring Tapes- Digital roughness testers

Inspection tools for Automotive Industry:
- Paint thickness gauge- Brake Caliper and Brake Drum Caliper- Feeler Gauges- Borescope for engine inspection- Mechanical lifter and mirrors- Brake Fluid Tester
vogel feeler gauges
vogel spirit and angle level
vogel inspection tools
vogel borescope
vogel paint coating thickness gauge
Inspection tools necessary for Electrical and Civil Construction industry:
- Multimeter up to CAT IV for the mains- Current Clamp - Ammeter- Voltage Testers- Calibrated measuring tapes - Laser Distance Measuring- Magnetic Spirit levels
vogel multimeter
vogel clampmeter
vogel digital measuring tape

Calibration & Quality Assurance

We work closely with Singlass certified laboratories in Singapore to ensure your products are calibrated to the required quality standards for ISO audits. If you have existing devices that need calibration, you may contact us as well.

Custom Devices Designed for your use

President Trading also works closely with Vogel to create custom devices for all your measuring needs. The following are some examples of custom devices we have made together.

  • Calipers with custom jaw lengths and tips

  • Specific measuring devices for unique measuring applications

  • Custom sized gauges and block sets

vogel calibration certificate measuring tools

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