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Digi-Pas Digital Precision Levels

Digi-Pas Technologies is the world leading manufacturer for industrial grade digital leveling and angle measuring devices.

From pocket-sized digital levels to ultra-precise 2-axis inclinometers, Digipas is your choice for achieving fast, reliable and easy readings that are above industry standards.

These products have a wide variety of applications including machine setup, pipe alignment, frame leveling and steel structure alignment.

The self calibrating functions and a mobile app to view data can reduce work time by more than 70%. Real-time data can also be captured and monitored.

Smart Angle Measurement & Precision Leveling Devices

digipas dwl 1500 2 axis level digi-pas

2 Axis Precision Levels

Up to 0.001° (0.018mm/m)

digipas inclinometer level digi-pas

Ultra Precise Inclinometers

Up to 0.001mm/m

digi-pas dwl 80e digipas

Single Axis Levels

Up to 0.05° (0.873mm/m)

digipas dwl 280e waterproof level digi-pas

Waterproof Levels

Up to 0.05° (0.873mm/m)

Smart Precision Devices Certified by External Bodies

Used for all precision engineering requirements, Digi-Pas stays ahead by continually improving the accuracy of its devices. This quality is certified by its strong portfolio of globally recognized end-users and certification institutes.

Applications for Digi-Pas products include:

  • high precision wafer manufacturing

  • setting up satellite lauch pads

  • angular alignment of laser beams

2 Axis Digital Machinist Levels

With more focus on precision machining and automation, having a highly accurate machinist level is more critical than ever. Machine set up can be time consuming and labour intensive. Digipas provides you with quick and effective ways to install and maintain your machines with a high quality standard.

digipas dwl 1500 machinist level digi-pas

DWL-1300XY / DWL-1500XY: Built for the Everyday Machinist

Whether you are working with a CMM machine, CNC machine, a 3D printer or checking parellelism for a multi component device, the slightest misalignment can be costly.

Digi-Pas reduces your rate of error by providing discrete and visual data during your alignment and set up operations.

When synced with the Digi-Pas Machinist level App, no additional manpower is needed to check the level from the top of the machine, allowing you to focus on making the little tweaks needed to deliver the quality you desire.

Digi-Pas digital machinist levels are independently verified by accredited 3rd Party Calibration & Test Laboratories in USA, Japan and Germany, traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN Standards. Each level has a factory calibration certificate.

Resolution: 0.002"/ft. or 40-second or 0.01°

Resolution: 0.0002"/ft. or 5-second or 0.001°

Simple to Use

The Digi-pas app is an innovative and convenient tool that allows users to check quantitative readings conveniently, even if they as far as 15m away. Many easy to use features like changing the unit of measurement, holding a reading or creating an alternate zero can be operated directly from the app without touching the device.

This saves significant time and manpower during alignment tests and set up operations. Units of measurement like mm/m, in/ft, degree and % slope can also be easily switched at a press of a button.

digipas dwl 1500 machinist level digi-pas

Smart Device for Flatness (Single Device) & Alignment (Two Device)

Both Digi-Pas DWL-1300 and DWL-1500 can give 2 axis readings on the device or when linked to the Machinist Level app.

Multiple devices can also be measured simultaneously through the app. This is especially useful when:

  • Leveling on a large CNC / CMM machines

  • To check parallelism of 2 different machines

  • To ensure parallelism during alignment checks

  • To make leveling easier over a large distance

  • Cutting of manpower during leveling operations

Ultra-Precision Inclinometers

digipas dwl 8500XY level inclinometer digi-pas

DWL-8500XY: 1 Arc Second Resolution (5 Microns/meter)

Measuring range from 0.0 to 14400 arcsec. (Single Axis); 0.0 to 7200 arcsec. (Dual Axis)

Vibrometer displays real time low-frequency (2 to 75Hz) vibration graph and also dual angle tracking allows easy real time data logging and production of complete calibration reports.

The Digi-pas DWL-8500XY also allows topographic 3D geometric maps relative to a point in the system.

digipas dwl 9000XY level inclinometer digi-pas

DWL-9000XY: 0.2 Arc Second Resolution (1 Micron/meter)

Measuring range from 0.0 to 7200 arcsec. (Single Axis); 0.0 to 3600 arcsec. (Dual Axis)

This represents the industry's highest precision instrument. For ultraprecise applications in aerospace and other flatness measurements not able to be done with visual spotting.

and DWL-9000XY also allows users to plot out 3D geometrical maps of their work piece, effectively creating a 3-axis (x,y and z) topographic display.

3-points contact base for most stable surface-to-surface contact to prevent “rocking”

Product Comparison Table

Below is a quick overview of the precision 2 axis levels for your quick reference. Series DWL 2000XY, 3000XY, 3500XY and 8500XY are best suited for real-time data logging and monitoring.

Digipas Digi-pas Precision Levels

Single Axis Levels

digipas dwl 80e level digi-pasdigipas dwl 80e level digi-pasdigipas dwl 80e level digi-pas

DWL 80E - Pocket Sized & Durable

With a polycarbonate and ABS housing, the level is durable and does not damage easily. It also comes with a strong magnet to allow it to remain stable.

This handy tool is great for measuring slopes and angles where the surfaces area is small.

  • Worktop angle checking

  • Alignment of products

  • Angle checking of cutting machines and blades

DWL 80e: 0.1 degree
DWL 80Pro: 0.05 degree
DWL 90Pro: 0.05 degree + 2 axis measurements with bluetooth connectivity

Simply convert °(Degree) to %(slope), mm/M or in/Ft without the need for calculation

Easy Calibration

Self-calibration does not require any special calibration from external party. Good for the jobsite and very versatile.

Available as PRO version for even greater accuracy.

Waterproof Digital Levels - Get angles right, even underwater

digipas dwl 280 pro waterproof digital level ip67 digi-pas

DWL-280Pro / DWL-680Pro : IP 65 / IP 67 Waterproof Levels

Completely waterproof digital levels embedded with advanced LED technology for bright displays, even underwater.

These levelling tool are built with high impact resistance ABS plastic and rubber material moulded with a solid V-groove aluminium base allowing high performance and reliability in the toughest working environment.

Easy Calibrate & Other innovative functions

Before going to the job site : 1 minute calibration by user does not require any special calibration from external party.

Also has 0 and 90 degree angle beep features and alternate zero to measure angle differences.


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