Autosol Polish and Surface Restoration

Located in Solingen, Germany, Autosol is the market leader for surface polishes and marine polishes. The high performance polishes are able to restore the natural properties of various surfaces such as steel, stainless steel, gold, chrome and even plastics.

A long lasting surface protection and shine is achieved through our concentrated tube formulation.

*NEW* Kits for Care and Protection

Easy to use kits come complete with a tube of polish, liquid and cloth to buff for lasting protection.

Leather Protection Kit

Plastic Protection Kit

Headlight Polish Kit

Nanometal Kit

Polish and Shine

This range of products give a glossy reflective surface by gently polishing the imperfections in the materials. Packing unit for 75ml tube is 24pcs per box. Most of the range is marked with microplastic free logo to indicate environmental friendliness.

Some products are available by larger liquid tubs.

Autosol Metal Polish (NSF)

Stainless Steel Polish

Aluminium Polish

Marine Metal Polish

Gold and Silver Polish

Anodized Aluminium Polish

"M1" Chrome Plastic Polish

Surface Restoration

Some surfaces are matt but have been dulled with wear and tear. This range of products restore the brilliance of your surfaces to their original condition. Packing unit for 75ml tube is 24pcs per box.

Scratch Remover

Acrylic Polish

Leather Cleaner

Plastic Restorer