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Autosol: Polish and Surface Specialists

Autosol produces and distributes a complete program of cleaning and care products for commercial and private use. Autosol focuses on ensuring that the surface integrity is never damaged during the cleaning and polishing process.

With 90 years of industry experience, Autosol products work effectively, with a focus on achieving your desired results with minimal effort. We have the full range of Autosol products in Singapore.

Environment Safe Surface Care Specialist : Made in Germany

autosol metal care

Metal Care

autosol car care

Car Care

autosol motorbike bicycle care

Motorbike & Bicycle Care

autosol boat care

Boat Care

autosol metal polish singapore

Autosol Metal Polish

Autosol Metal Polish is the top choice for removing rust and corrosion stains, restoring the shine on metal surfaces. All metal polishes and cleaners are designed with substances to achieve optimum results with the finest of polishing substances.

This has allowed Autosol to win three international gold medals in polishing.

  • Safe to use in food areas

  • Microplastic free

  • Multiple Award winning

Metal Care Series

Autosol creates a variety of metal care cleaners and rust removers to restore both large areas and smaller, more sensitive equipment.

Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, brass, copper, gold, silver and even chrome-plated plastics can get a lasting mirror shine quickly and easily. This is due to the extensive research by Autosol into different grades of polishing and cleaning beads. Thus, it is recommended to choose the specifically formulated metal polish for your application for the optimal finish.

autosol metal polish

Metal Polish

autosol aluminium polish

Aluminium Polish

autosol stainless steel polish

Stainless Steel Polish

autosol marine metal polish

Marine Metal Polish

autosol gold and silver polish

Gold and Silver Polish

autosol anodized aluminium polish

Anodized Aluminium Polish

Autosol M1 polish

"M1" Chrome Plastic Polish

Metal Protective Oil

Aluminium Power Cleaner

Autosol Stainless Steel Cleaner singapore

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Metal Refresh

autosol metal polish liquid

Metal Polish Liquid

Rust Remover

Car Care & Car Detailing Series

Autosol's complete car care & car detailing products are catered to the discerning DIY user and the quality-minded detailing specialist.

For exterior detailing, professionals choose the Dynamic Range, which gives a premium shine and colour depth to your car. This is achieved with a variety of specially formulated cutting and polishing beads. DIY users also have easy-to-use polymer coatings, car waxes, ceramic coatings, scratch removers and polishes.
Wheel cleaners, brake cleaners and engine de-greasers easily remove stubborn dirt and rain streaks and prepare the surface for polishing. Parts like the windscreen glass, headlights and tyres are then polished to give a long-lasting protection from weathering and harsh environments.

For interior car detailing, Autosol offers scented cleaners with odour neutralizers. Leather and plastic cleaners with more aggressive stain removers ensure your seats and surfaces are restored to showroom quality. Chrome-plated plastics can also be polished without damaging the manufactured thin chrome plating.

Heavy cut detailing autosol

Detailing Heavy Cut

mirror finish autosol

Detailing Mirror Finish

detailing complete autosol

Detailing Complete

polymer shine protection autosol

Polymer Shine Protection

wash and wax car autosol

Wash & Wax

Car Polish

autosol scratch remover car

Scratch Remover

Brake Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner


wetlook tire shine autosol

Wetlook Tire Shine

headlight polish and protection kit

Headlight Polish & Protection Kit

autosol acrylic polish

Acrylic Polish

glass polish autosol car

Glass Polish

rain streak remover car

Rain Streak Remover

car interior cleaner autosol

Interior Cleaner & Odour Neutralizer

leather acantara cleaner car autosol

Leather & Alcantara Cleaner

leather stain remover autosol

Leather Stain Remover

plastic stain remover autosol

Plastic Stain Remover

autosol metal polish

Metal Polish

autosol leather cleaner

Leather Cleaner

autosol plastic cleaner

Plastic Cleaner

Autosol M1 polish

"M1" Chrome Plastic Polish

Bicycle Care Series

Autosol offers an essential range of cleaners, waxes and grease for bicycles, prolonging the original properties and service life of your bicycles.
The handy sized bottles with spill prevention features make Autosol the perfect bike maintenance kit for you, at home or on-the-go. Whether you are riding a folding bicycle, road bike or a mountain bike, these products keep your chains moving and bodywork clean.

Autosol Waterless Cleaner

Waterless Cleaner

Autosol Bicycle Power Cleaner

Power Cleaner

Spray Wax

Long Term Sealant

Chain Grease

Motorbike Care Range

Autosol offers a waterless motorcycle cleaner for cleaning on the go and for heavy duty cleaning when you are in your garage. Finally, use the Showroom Polish for that extra shine on your body and frame.

waterless motorbike cleaner autosol

Waterless Bike Cleaner

bike cleaner autosol

Bike Cleaner

showroom polish autosol

Showroom Polish

autosol metal polish

Metal Polish

Marine Care Range

Autosol Marine Range offers environmentally friendly boat cleaning products for use at the marina or on board. Yachts and pleasure crafts like cruise ships need constant maintenance to fight corrosion and keep the polished shine that all luxury crafts deserve.

Autosol has marine shampoos, waterline cleaners, bilge cleaners and rain streak removers. Decks and interiors that are exposed to weathering can be restored with the wood and teak cleaner. If rust has formed due to the aggressive sea salts, Autosol provides a rust remover which renews the corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel.

Autosol Marine Metal Polish shines and protects all metals, fiberglass surfaces and gel coatings. The Combi Polish and Nano Wax seal and prolong the cleaning job.

Marine deckhands and maintenance crew at marinas can use Autosol's professional range of compounds with their power tools. Marine Compound is a fast sanding polish that removes heavy abrasive marks and shines the surface. This can be further enhanced with the Super Gloss Polish and Marine Glass Polish. Finally a marine protective coating can be applied to seal and protect the work done.

Autosol Boat Wash Marine

Marine Boat Wash Shampoo

Autosol Black Streak Remover Marine

Black Streak Remover

Autosol Waterline Cleaner Marine

Waterline Cleaner

Autosol inflatable boat cleaner fender cleaner Marine

Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner

Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner

Autosol wood and teak cleaner Marine

Wood & Teak Cleaner

Autosol Marine Rust Ex

Marine Rust Ex

Autosol Combi Polish Marine

Marine Combi Polish

Autosol Nano hard wax Marine

Nano Protection Hard Wax

Marine Metal Polish

Marine Metal Polish Liquid

Marine Compound

Marine Super Gloss Polish

Marine Glass Polish

Marine Protection Coating

microplastic free logo autosol

A Leader in being environmentally friendly

AUTOSOL® does extensive research and development, high-quality substances, and modern manufacturing processes to meet your needs. Strict quality controls and years of experience guarantee that these high standards are met. Great importance is placed in creating environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and meet or exceed government regulations.

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