autosol metal polish

Autosol: Polish and Surface Restoration Specialists

Located in Solingen, Germany, Autosol produces and distributes a complete program of cleaning and care products for all vehicles and numerous Machinery for industrial, commercial and private use.
With 90 years of experience, in harmony of tradition and Innovation develops a brand profile: AUTOSOL®.

According to Customers: the brand with the world's best metal care products.

autosol metal polish

Autosol Metal Polish

Autosol Metal Polish is an environment safe compound with abrasive particles to ensure a polished and protected finish for all metal surfaces. It is the leading polishing compound globally.

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Being the Leader through Research and Development

The AUTOSOL® research and development department with its trend-setting product innovations, high-quality substances, many years of experience and modern manufacturing processes is the basis of all AUTOSOL® brand products. Strict quality controls guarantee that their consistent quality at the highest level. Great importance is also placed to environmental compatibility. The products are biodegradable and meet or exceed the statutory provisions.

Metal & Surface Care

Autosol collaborates with industry leaders to care and polish metal surfaces without damaging the materials' properties.
Stainless steel, brass, aluminium, gold, silver and even chrome plastics can be polished to a mirror shine with carefully selected compounds.

autosol stainless steel polish

Stainless Steel Polish

autosol aluminium polish

Aluminium Polish

autosol marine metal polish

Marine Metal Polish

autosol gold and silver polish

Gold and Silver Polish

autosol anodized aluminium polish

Anodized Aluminium Polish

Autosol M1 polish

"M1" Chrome Plastic Polish

autosol acrylic polish

Acrylic Polish

autosol plastic cleaner

Plastic Cleaner

autosol scratch remover

Scratch Remover

autosol leather cleaner

Leather Cleaner

Bicycle Cleaners, Waxes & Grease

Autosol cleans and protects exposed parts of bicycles from weathering, prolonging the original properties and service life of the bicycle.
The handy sized bottles with spill prevention features make Autosol the perfect bicycle maintenance kit at home or on-the-go.

Autosol Waterless Cleaner

Waterless Cleaner

Autosol Bicycle Power Cleaner

Power Cleaner

Spray Wax

Long Term Sealant

Chain Grease

Household Care Products

Keep all household items looking brand new and also keep your hands clean while doing it. Rust removers, marble and granite polishes and plastic cleaners are just some of the products that Autosol can offer for day to day cleaning around the house.

Autosol Cutlery Rust Remover

Cutlery Rust Remover

Autosol Marble and Granite Cleaner

Marble & Granite Cleaner

Autosol Marble and Granite Polish

Marble & Granite Polish

Autosol Plastic Cleaner

Plastic Cleaner

Autosol Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Croldino Hand Washing Paste

Hand Cleaners

Additional Resources for Polishing

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