Heyco - Tools for the Highest Demands

Heyco is a leading German manufacturer for wrenches and sockets of the highest demand and is the choice for engine manufacturers. Heyco tools have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects and every tool is skillfully forged through experience and advanced machinery. The range is readily stocked in Singapore for fast delivery.

Customizable tool modules and innovative tool modifications make work more efficient and give you a peace of mind that the tools are built to last a lifetime.

Top Quality Made in Germany Tools

heyco wrenches hand tools


Open-Ended Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Ring Wrench, Tubular Wrench, Slogging Wrench
heyco socket sets ratchets hand tools

Sockets & Accessories

Sockets, Impact Socket, Ratchets, Extension bars, Converters, Socket Sets
heyco trolley and tool modules hand tools

Workshop Trolleys, Modules

Workshop Trolleys with Drawers, Tool Modules, Trolley attachments
heyco torque wrenches

Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers
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Screwdrivers & Allen Keys

Regular Screwderivers, VDE Screwdrivers, Allen Keys, TORX Keys, Nut Spinners
heyco pliers and snips

Pliers, Snips& Shears

Regular & VDE Pliers, Circlip Pliers, Combination Pliers, Snips
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Hammers,Chisels & Punches

Engineer Hammers, Punches, Chisels, Pullers
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Electrical Tools & Others

Screw Extractors, Wire Brushes, Torchlights
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High Quality Forging

Heyco produces forged chassis parts, assemblies and mounting parts for leading car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce. The same forging methodology is used to manufacture tools for the most demanding applications.

The Saver Profile: A Unique Heyco Design

Heyco researches the quality of its tools to fine details - including how force is distributed across wrenches and sockets. The Saver Profile allows for even distribution of torque across workpieces to prevent rounding and damage to essential nuts.


A Leap in Quality: Maxline 410 Wrenches

Heyco maxline are top quality combination wrenches.
With a rigorous 13 step process to finish a single tool, the maxline has specifications:

  • Multiple times above the workshop standard requirements of DIN/ISO/EN

  • High quality chrome vanadium steel ,chromium plated and fully polished

  • Maximum resistance to corrosion

No bending or breakage occurs when using the wrench. They represent the best quality for all engineering demands.

Designed to distribute force evenly

Years of forging expertise and experience give Heyco wrenches profiles for the longest and toughest work.
By having just the right amount of material at the right area, HEYCO is able to

  • Prevent bending and loss of specification on the wrench jaws for open ended wrenches

  • Prevent rounding of nuts in ring wrenches

Standard Wrenches and Sets

Heyco wrenches are forged in Germany with the finest material to ensure every tool is durable and lasting.

Double Ended Open Jaw Wrenches
DIN 3110/ISO 1085, Chrome-Vanadium, CP = chromium plated, polished headsMM 4x5 to 46x50AF 1/4 x 5/16 to 1.13/16 x 2 Sets of 8, 12 and custom sizes available in plastic case or pouch.
Single Ended Open Jaw Wrenches Adjustable wrenches, open jaw wrench up to 85mm
Combination Wrenches CrV wrenches exceeding DIN Standard. Metric and inches available. Maxline for highest quality
Double Ended Ring Wrenches Flat and offset Ring wrenches. Metric and inches available.
Special wrenches Socket Wrench, Ignition Wrench, Crowfoot Wrench, Swivel Wrench
Slogging- and single ended wrench Japanned finishing. Metric and Inches available.
heyco wrench open ended

Sockets, Impact Sockets and Accessories

heyco socket set and tools

Socket Sets and accessories

With a wide range of both MM/AF size sockets with the Saver profile, nuts and tools last longer in the toughest conditions.

Socket sets1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" 1" Square drives availableImpact drivers and toolsets available with accessories.
Sockets1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" 1" Square drives available6 points and 12 points available.Screwdriver and hex sockets also available.
RatchetsStandard, push-thru and reversible ratchetsUp to 72 teeth
ExtensionsAdapterSpinner handleSliding T-handles

Impact Sockets

Able to withstand highest torque applications Heyco impact sockets are essential for work with air and power tools.

heyco impact sockets

Trolley Sets and Tool Modules

heyco tool trolley

Workshop Trolleys & Tool Modules

Superior craftsmanship and innovative storage solutions for all tools.

Torque Wrenches

torque wrenches
torque wrench

Torque Wrenches with Reversible Ratchet

HEYCO torque wrenches have an accuracy ± 3% of scale value (in direction of actuation), safe torque release through clicking sound and easy adjustment of the desired torque value by turning the handle. The double scale of Newton meter (Nm) and Foot Pounds (lbf.ft) give easy reference.

Comes with factory serial number and calibration certificate.

Available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" Square drive from 3 to 850Nm.

Torque Wrenches

torque multiplier digital
torque wrench

Screwderivers, Pliers and Snips

Hammers, Chisel, Punches, Knives and Filing

heyco hammers and chisels hand tools
heyco pullers

Electrical Tools and Others

heyco tube cutters

Other Workshop Tools

Other Tools for Workshop

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