Precision Engineering remains important to your industry. We understand this and provide measurement devices for all your applications. Our range of measuring tools are catered to suit your engineering needs. We work together with partner laboratories to ensure highly certified tools are well maintained and conform to various ISO requirements.

Vogel Germany measuring Tools


Widest Range of Accurate Instrumentation

Vogel Germany has precision measuring devices including:

  • Rulers and Straight Edges

  • Calipers

  • Micrometers

  • Bore Gauges and Bore Micrometers

  • Precision Gauges (Feeler Gauges, Piston, Ring , Go and No Go)

  • Dial Indicators and Measuring Stands

  • Precision Weighing Scales and Granite Blocks

  • Multimeters, Spirit Levels, Squares and Borescopes

  • Ultrasonic Gauges

  • Hardness and Roughness Testers


Ultra precision Angle Measurement and Leveling Devices

Digi-Pas manufactures high precision angle checking devices

  • Single axis digital angle measurement

  • 360 degree digital protractors

  • Torpedo digital levels

  • Waterproof IP67 digital levels

  • Machinist levels

  • Alignment devices

  • 2 axis (Dual axis) angle measures

  • Precision inclinometers

  • Topographic mapping of the surfaces & Bluetooth connectivity