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Heyco is a German manufacturer of durable tools for high demand applications.

Heyco has over 80 years of manufacturing experience and provides a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Every tool is skillfully forged through experience and advanced machinery. This results in Heyco being widely used in plant maintenance, ship repair and demanding overhaul applications. 

Heytec has a comprehensive range of functional tool sets for mechanics and service engineers on the go.

All tools are inspected in Germany for quality control. Workshop Trolley and master tool sets can be customized to suit user application needs. The practical, lightweight and convenient selection of tools is the best choice for everyday work. 

Milwaukee is a manufacturer of heavy-duty cordless power tools for professional users on the jobsite.

Milwaukee continues to lead the industry with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions. To do this, Milwaukee works side by side with real craftsmen to understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace to deliver solutions that help the user work both faster and smarter.

Vogel has over 5000 measuring products for workshop and quality control engineers. 

This variety lets you select the right tool to complete your measuring jobs in the easiest, fastest and most accurate way. With over 70 years of experience in making measuring tools,  tools are designed to exceed rigorous industry standards in quality control. Custom tools can also be ordered for special applications.

Digi-Pas is manufactures advanced digital leveling and angle measuring devices for service engineers.

These products come fully calibrated have a wide variety of applications including machine setup, pipe alignment, frame leveling and steel structure alignment. The self calibrating functions and a mobile app to view data can reduce work time by more than 70%.  Software that captures real-time data produce detailed and accurate site reports about vibration, alignment and surface topography.

Autosol produces a complete program of cleaning and care products for commercial and private users.  

Autosol focuses on ensuring that the surface integrity is never damaged during the cleaning and polishing process. With 90 years of industry experience, Autosol products work effectively, with a focus on achieving brilliant results with minimal effort. 

WD40 produces a range of specialist products for lubrication for the workshop.

WD 40 prides itself in its world famous multi-use lubricant that is able to stop squeaks, remove dirt, loosen rusted parts and frees seized mechanisms. The range has now been expanded to include a series of specialist sprays for common engineering workshop applications.

DIAMANT is a German Polymer Manufacturer with the largest variety of gap filling & material repair products for light, medium and heavy industries

DIAMANT is the choice of manufacturers and service contractors looking to reduce their material defect rates and enjoy significant cost savings with quick and easy-to-use solutions. From micron-precise gap fillers to gap fillings on large bridge connections, you can be assured of long lasting, permanent repairs that last for years.

Gorilla is a USA Adhesive Manufacturer known for their strong, weatherproof and durable repair tapes. Applicable to almost all surfaces, these tapes are easy to use and can even be torn by hand.