Measuring Devices

Vogel Germany Precision Tools

Located in Essen, Germany, Vogel specializes in providing measuring devices used in all fields of precision engineering.

Items can be purchased with manufacturer warranty, calibration and inspection certificates are available on most items. Customized tools are also available upon request.

Rulers & Straight Edges

Straight Edges, Rulers, Beveled Edge, Digital Measuring Tapes, Pipe Circumference Rules, Height Scales


Vernier Calipers, Long Jaw Calipers, Depth Calipers, Dial Calipers,Digital Brake Caliper, Drum Caliper


External & Internal Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Toothed Gear Micrometers

Bore Gauges & Micrometers

Precision Bore Gagues with Sensitive Dial, 3 Point Bore Micrometers

Workshop Devices

Dial Indicators and Measuring Stands, Precision weighing scales and granite blocks,Crane Weight Scales, Workshop Table

Precision Gauges

Long Feeler Gauges, Piston Gauges, Thickness testers, Ring Go and No Go Gauges, Parellel Gauge Block Set

Inspection Devices

Multimeters, Clamp Test, Edge finders, High Accuracy Spirit Levels, Image Borescopes

Digital Testing Devices

Ultrasonic Gauges, Stroboscopes,Ultrasonic Echo-Echo Gauges, , Hardness and Roughness Tester