Tools for the Offshore Industry

President Trading carries a wide variety of tools for the offshore industry.

We understand the requirement to have safe and certified tools for work offshore. A reliable tool is not only critical for work, but also safe for other operators. Our customers include some of the leading oil majors and rig operators in the region. We ensure you have the precise quality of tool that keeps your workplace complaint with safety regulations.

Here are some common tools we supply for your daily work.

Reliable Solutions for Offshore Repair

Safety and reliability are paramount for offshore work.

Product Offering

  • Grinders, Impact Wrenches, Worklights and other cordless tools with waterproof and impact resistance

  • Vernier Calipers, Sound Meters, Digital Measuring instruments for inspection of materials onboard

  • Waterproof digital levels to check levelling and alignment of beams and other parts

  • Impact and Striking Wrenches, Torque wrenches, Ring Wrenches and other hand tools in AF Size and hand tools in MM Size

  • Lubricating and Rust Removal compounds for mechanical parts in the engine room

  • Waterproof Bagpacks for safe working at height according to OSHA regulations

  • Packout for easy organization and storage of tools and accessories

  • 3/4" torque wrench, ratchets and socket sets

  • Compounds for Large metal holes and emergency patching at higher temperatures and epoxies that can cure on oily surfaces

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