Frequently asked Questions

How did President Trading start and what are you doing now?

President Trading was started by our grandfather and father in 1969 and was a manufacturer representative for German suppliers looking to find distributors in Singapore. We focused heavily on railway, marine and industrial spare parts. The business has since transformed to be a marketing and distribution company. We are proud to preserve the company's reputation of being a reliable, capable and active partner for our suppliers and customers alike.

Some of our supply partners and customers have been with us for more than 50 years - and we are proud to keep these relationships. We provide exceptional service to customers located in the region and can communicate in a variety of languages.

Is President Trading a hardware shop?

Being a hardware shop is defined differently in every location.

President Trading focuses on providing engineering supplies that are essential for industrial production and maintenance. This means you will definitely find a high quality range of tools found in an engineering workshops, and are less likely to find DIY & home items.

Why should I buy from President Trading? What makes you different?

We make an active effort to understand the products we supply through constant contact with our suppliers. This allows us to have detailed understanding of the research that makes the difference between a functional and a great product. We believe that understanding this difference is the first step to providing you a great experience.

We also spend a lot of time with our customers, understanding how the products affect their daily work and getting feedback. This helps us to draw on knowledge beyond what is written in technical datasheets to give practical solutions.