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WEICON is a German one-stop solution provider for production, maintenance and repair requirements.
WEICON currently has one of the widest product ranges, with over 200 chemicals and adhesives used for repair, bonding, cleaning, lubricating and anti-corrosion requirements.

WEICON products are available from Singapore and our dealers in West and East Malaysia.
Contact us today for WEICON products or information on being a dealer in your state.

Brand Overview                                                                                                                                                                                                
WEICON Product Overview

Industry Brochures
Agricultural           Maritime
                            Stainless Steel
Energy                 Oil, Gas & Chemicals         Tools & Model making
Food                    Rubber & Plastic

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President Trading Company Pte Ltd

10 Faber Green

Singapore 129266
Tel:     (+65) 6775-8768    Fax:    (+65) 6775-2130


We support our Malaysian dealers and clients in the following areas:
  • Needs Analysis - knowledge of material & future stresses
  • Techincal product selection
  • Application guidance
  • Door to door delivery

Detailed Product

  2 Component Epoxies
 1 Component Adhesives
 Elastic Adhesives
 Technical Sprays
 Stripping tools

(click for range)
 Plastic Metals (18)
 Urethane (3)
 Repair Sticks (9)
 RK MMA adhesive (3)
 'Easy-Mix' Epoxies (6)
 Cyanoacrylates (17)
 Rubber Metal
 Silicone-free (12)
 Special Silicones (5)
 Anti-corrosion (12)
 Cleaning, Degreasing,  Adhering, Testing (44)
 Bulk Liquids (26)

 Anti-seize (3)
 Wire Cable Strippers (25)

 Repair and bonding of
 large and small surface
 Very high strength

 resistant coatings
 Bonding metals, rubber
 Threadlocking, Sealing
 Flange gasketing

 Elastic bonding,
 Rust prevention and
 aesthetic pigmenting

 Maintenance and
 Safe removal of
 cable insulations