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Epoxy Adhesive

Civil Engineering & Construction

WEICON Flex 310 M
Job:          Fixing of bridge plates under seawater and constant UV exposure.
Result:      Underwater bonding possible

Job:          Gasketing of plates at a water dam, was hard to bond
Result:      Was only adhesive that could bond HDPE plates effectively

Job:          Redoing of electrical insulation for outdoor structures (old silicone cracked within months)
UV resistance allowed product
to last for several years

Special MS Polymers, Polyurethanes & Silicones

WEICON Metal Sprays / Paints
Job:          Repair of hot galvanized pipes
Result:      Not just color matching, but salt spray tested corrosion protection. 99% pure Zinc.
                Also available in brush paint.

Job:          Touch up of stainless steel structures
Result:      Pure stainless steel pigments to provide a good finish to fabricated materials

Anti Corrosion Sprays

WEICON Easymix 
Job:          Critical repair of PVC piping, heavy pipe suspended over water
Result:      Strong bond without need for welding or exposure to open flames, fast curing

Job:          Drinking water pipe patching, require food safe and government approved repair
Result:      Stainless steel filled repair stick allowed this repair

Easymix Adhesives
Repair Sticks

Plant Maintenance, Marine & Petrochemical Engineering

WEICON Plastic Metal  
Job:          Restoration & corrosion prevention of pump casings 
Result:      WR and BL Coating required less maintenance and the pump lasted almost 300% longer

Job:          Patching of interior of pumps (bronze and stainless steel)
WEICON BR Millable restoration of pump interior

Job:          Stabalizing of alignment sensors in high temperature areas
HB 300 high stability on vertical surface, temperature and low shrinkage was the best solution

Plastic Metals

WEICON HT 300 & WEICON Black Seal 

Job:          Gasketing for freon coolant, up to 240 C
HT 300 reaches a temperature of 300C and provides good protection against freon

Job:          Silicone gasket kept wearing out due to exposure to various oils
Black Seal was able to remain as a gasket protection, did not require replacement

High temperature Silicone gaskets

Job:          Prevention of cathodic corrosion on stainless steel bolts
With up to 1400 C, was the only suitable product for the application, NSF H1 Certified
                Saved 40% manpower time during plant shutdown.

Job:          Large area bolt protection required
Result:      Spray-on version allowed easy application for all bolts and effective protection

Anti Seize Compounds

WEICONLOCK Anaerobic Adhesive & Cyanoacrylates
Job:          Maintenance works on high pressure pump
Resistance up to 1000 bar * acheived

Job:          Repair of broken rubber gaskets, foodsafe repair required
Result:      Only adhesive to conform to both specifications
and certification requirements

WEICONLOCK Threadlockers and Sealants