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Anti-Seize Compounds
Anti-Seize Compounds
Maintenance Made EASY

Weicon provides top-of-the-line anti-seize compounds. The high number of solid particles within our compounds ensure maximum corrosion protection.

Why Anti-Seize?                 
Prevents fretting corrosion. Can be used in high temperature
(>1000 deg C), high pressure areas.

Diagram on the right explains the use of WEICON Antiseize.
  1. Standard bolt/nut for machines
  2. WEICON Antiseize is applied and left in an area where corrosion occurs rapidly
  3. Nut can still be removed easily despite the corrosion on other parts

Anti-Seize Compounds

Art.-No. Product Description  Max Temperature
 Color Volume
Anti-Seize "Copper"
Graphite and Copper Particles
1100°C Brown 450g Can
400ml Spray Can
Anti-Seize "Standard"
Metal based, NLGI-Class-1

500g Brushtop Can
120g Brushtop Can
400ml Spray Can
 Anti-Seize "Hi-Tech"
Ceramic Based, NSF Certified (Food safe)

      1400°C White
500g Brushtop Can
120g Brushtop Can
400ml Spray Can

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Seized bolts, stainless steel surfaces cold welding can waste a lot of man hours.

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