Performance Repair & Adhesive Products
Epoxy putties, Anaerobic & Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Flexible Adhesives, Corrosion Inhibitors

WEICON Adhesive Finder is an online tool that allows recommendation of WEICON adhesives and repair products based on your application requirements. With over 300 products available for your application, you are assured of finding the most appropriate product for your application.

WEICON Adhesives and Sealants

WEICON Flexible Adhesives & Special Silicones
Products:    WEICON Flex 310 M, WEICON Aqua Flex, WEICON HT 300, WEICON Black Seal Silicone, WEICON Flex 310 PU
Flexible, UV Resistant, Seawater Resistant, Oil and Chemical Resistant, Temperature resistant

Very strong bonding of difficult materials (including HDPE and PP), Engine gaskets, Underwater bonding, Bonding before powder coating, Freon and diesel gaskets, aluminum sealants, caulking glue

Plastic Metal Repair Putties & Paints
Products:    WEICON Plastic Metals, WEICON Repair Sticks, WEICON Liquid Urethane

Tags:            Wear resistant, Chemical resistant, High temperature, Patching, Millable and Sandable,
RINA / GL Certificate
Restoration of pump casing, impeller parts, shafts, securing of sensitive alignment material, Areas exposed to gravel, wear and seawater, on-deck emergency repairs, metal part repair

Products:    WEICONLOCK, WEICON Plast-O-Seal, WEICON Thread Sealing Cord
Threadlocking, Pipe and flange sealing, NSF, BAM, DVGW Certificates
Permenant and removable bonding for bolts and nuts, engine production lines

Cyanoacrylate Glues
WEICON Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Varied viscocity and humidity
Very fast curing, O Ring Repair, food safe available

"Easy Mix" Epoxy Glues & MMA Adhesives
Products:    WEICON RK, WEICON Easymix, WEICON Polyurethane
Flexible, Chemical Resistant, Fast curing, small parts, welding replacement, dielectric

Name plate bonding, Bonding of electrical parts, PVC glue, self levelling, transparent filling, plastic bonding,

Technical Sprays and Liquids, Lubricants and Antiseize

Products:    WEICON Zinc Spray bright grade, WEICON Brushable Zinc Paint, WEICON Corro Protection 
Hot dip, Galvanized, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Sprays and Brush, quayside, TUV Certificate, Salt Spray tested
HIGHEST LEVEL OF CORROSION PROTECTION, Touching up of metal fabricated parts, protection of parts for storage, stainless steel protection, 99.9% Zinc Coatings

Products:    WEICON Cleaner Spray S, PTFE Spray, WEICON Chain and Rope Lube, WEICON Leak Detector Spray
 Lubricants, Cleaners, Degreasers, Leak Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Contact Cleaners, etc

General workshop consumables. Shaft lubricants, PTFE Sprays, 5l / 10l/ 30l drum, W44T, Cleaner Spray S

Anti Seize & Lubricants
Products:    WEICON Antiseize, Technical Sprays and Liquids
Tags:            Antiseize, Copper Paste, Ceramic Paste

Solid lubricant, copper paste, lubricant for stainless steel, prevents cold welding


WEICON Tools for Stripping and Dismantling Cables
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For AWG to mm² reference please refer here.
Should you require any assistance or further information on stripping tools, please contact us.