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The HEYCO Guarantee
Heyco commits to replacing any tools that indicate a fault of material or workmanship.

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For Electrical Works: Electricians Bag with VDE Tool Set 27 pcs (50848-27)
Complying with IEC 60900 , DIN 7437, DIN 7438 PZ.   

Comes in Handy Sling Bag equipped with full range of essential tools
  • VDE Pliers / Wire Cutters
  • Torchlight / Voltage Tester
  • Spirit Level / Folding Rule
  • Wrenches
  • Scredrivers
  • Hammers / Chisels

Related article numbers:
50848-1      (empty bag)
50848-26    (26 pcs set)
50849-13    (13 pcs pouch set)
50849-11    (11pcs kit set - right)
50846-33    (18 pcs VDE screwdriver set)

Other Electrician Tools

For Sanitary Works: Sanitary Tool Box 75pcs (508077-646)

Dimensions: 530 x 200 x 200 mm : 6 Modules, 75 pcs

Complete sanitary works solution with
  • Chisel & pin punch set
  • Cutterknife, control cabinet key, combination stepped key
  • Hex Sockets, Screw driver sockets
  • Extension bars, Push through Rachets
  • Multigrip plier, VDE combination pliers & screwdrivers
  • Elbow Pipe Wrench, Adjustable wrenches
  • Engineers hammer, engineer files
  • Tube Trimming tools, rachet tube cutter, mini tube cutters
  • Mini hacksaws and telescopic tube cutter
  • Spirit Levels & measuring tapes
  • Voltage tester
  • Basin wrench, sanitary wrench, ball head hexagonal wrenches, TORX wrenches

Dealer Shelf Displays

HEYTEC has many attractive display stands complete with ranges of tools you require for your customers. Be it in the workshop or in a retail space, we are ready to customize our products for your needs.

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Single Open Ended Jaw Wrench   
Double Open Ended Jaw Wrench
Combination Wrench    
Double Ended Ring Wrench          
Combination Rachet Wrench

Sets and Storage
Workshop Trolley & Modules

Other Workshop Essentials
Pliers, Screwdrivers, Elbow Pipe Wrenches, Tool Bag

Sets and Industry Specific Equipment

Sanitary Tools 
(Tube Cutters, Basin Wrench, Keys, etc.)

Socket Program

Socket Sets         
Impact Sockets    

Torque Range
Torque Wrenches

Electrician Tools
(VDE pliers, Voltage Testers)