The Only Choice for Metal Care and Polishing
Metal Polish, Rust removers, Hand cleaning pastes

AUTOSOL Metal Polish: Shines in one time, every time!
Autosol Metal Polish polishes all metal surface types to a brilliant high gloss finish. Engineered with fine particles to buff surfaces and remove fine scratches, Autosol remains the leader in polishing technology and is NSF, US Military and NASA certified.

For specialised cleaning:
  • Gold & Silver Polish
  • Stainless Steel Polish
  • Aluminium Polish
  • Acrylic Polish
  • Marble and Granite Polish

Complete Restoration from Rust to Shine

Rust Removal with AUTOSOL RUST EX
Corrosion occurs on all metal surfaces. This is sped up by the exposure to chemicals and sea side applications. AUTOSOL Rust Ex removes surface corrosion and rust, allowing the renewed metal surface to be refreshed with anti-corrosion paints and oils.